San Antonio Guatemalan Endeavor

SAGE operates under the auspices of HELPS International Inc., a non-profit 501(c )(3) charitable foundation

To donate to San Antonio Guatemalan Endeavor, please make checks payable to Helps International with SAGE in the memo line. If SAGE is not specified, the funds will not be directed to our team. Please mail donations to: 

San Antonio Guatemalan Endeavor
c/o University UMC
5084 De Zavala Road
San Antonio, TX  78249
If you wish to make a donation by credit card, please call:
Helps International
(972) 638-9721 
Ask to speak to Wendy Pedrero

Again, please specify that this donation is to be directed to SAGE or the funds will not be directed to our team.

Thank you very much for your thoughtful donation, without the support of donors like you SAGE would be unable to provide the care that we do.

All of the things we do are made possible by those generous companies and individuals who donate supplies, time, and money to help us accomplish our goals.

A little bit goes a long way towards helping change the lives of the families we serve.  As a frame of reference, here are a few examples of how far your dollar can go to change a life:

Buys 150 toothbrushes. Many families go without because 1 toothbrush costs a week's wages for the typical family.

Provides 650 doses of antibiotics for the children we see in clinic.

Purchases the materials to completely makeover one Guatemalan home, providing a concrete floor, whitewashed walls, 2 stoves, a waterfilter. 

Will transform a schoolhouse of 26 children, with the installation of a new concrete floor and school materials. 

Gives 300 Guatemalans the chance to see life in a new light with new glasses, in most cases their first pair ever

Provides the cost of medicine for the entire six day medical trip, healing over 1,500 patients in the clinics. 

Make-over 15 Guatemalan Homes including concrete floors, whitewashed walls and efficient stoves.

Will provide for 10 surgeries, changing the smiles, health and lives of countless Guatemalans

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