San Antonio Guatemalan Endeavor

SAGE operates under the auspices of HELPS International Inc., a non-profit 501(c )(3) charitable foundation

Community Development Team

The Community Development Team works in rural communities surrounding the hospital location.

Three teams with a Guatemalan staff person for each team will go into the community to install stoves and install water filters in Guatemalan homes.

Open fires in homes place families at risk for burns and respiratory problems. Many homes do not have external ventilation and smoke and soot accumulates in the home. Additionally, open fires are extremely inefficient and require a tremendous amount of labor to maintain.

                                                        Install efficient wood stoves with
external ventilation

Stoves save 70% of the firewood consumed in open fires. That alone saves more than 2 days per week of work previously spent collecting firewood!

As a result, women and children are given more time to receive an education and produce additional income. Health & safety of the entire family is improved by the elimination of dangerous open fires & smoke in living areas

Next, team members teach the families how to use their new stoves and provide water filters for clean drinking water.

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